stufa a pellet ad alto rendimento

Stufa a Pellet Eletta NG Maiolica
Stufa a Pellet Eletta NG NewGeneration
Stufa a Pellet Coccinella NG_Next Generation in lamiera bianca
Stufa a Pellet Coccinella NG Next Generation in lamiera
Stufa a Pellet Aurora

Pellet and MultiFuel Stoves and Boilers

Choose from our pellet stoves, thermostuffs or pellet boilers and multi-fuel boilers

Pellet stoves example: Ninfea model, pellet and multifuel

Pellet and multifuel stoves

Our pellet and multifuel stoves are available in different versions to fit perfectly into any environment.

Pellet and multifuel boilers

Pellet and multifuel boilers

Think for those who, having no room in a home's living space, prefer to place the pellet boiler away from the home environment.

Fully automatic multifuel pellet burner

Pellet burner

Fully automatic, they are applied to solid fuel heat generators. Suitable for domestic and industrial application.

pellet and multifuel fireplaces

Pellet and multifuel fireplaces

Our pellet and polyfuel fireplaces fit into the traditional fireplace, making it functional and efficient.

I vantaggi di una stufa a pellet e policombustibile


Pasian's pellet stoves and pellet boilers offer high efficiency and low fuel consumption. The installation and maintenance of our products is fast and all our pellet stoves are fuel-efficient:  they can burn pellets, corn, hazelnuts and chipboard indiscriminately. Pellet stoves (whether air or hydro) Pasian provide countless advantages and are ecological.
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Detrazione fiscale 50% e 65%. Conto Termico

Tax Deductions

Access to the incentives and incentives for biomass stoves and boilers and the purchase of a pellet stove (air or hydro) will be beneficial! Tax deduction 65% for energy redevelopment.
Tax deduction by 50% for energy saving and building renovation. Thermal Account Contributions 2.0.
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