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Thermostove Slim Sofia

SLIM pellet and multifuel heating stove SOFIA - STAGNA stove! Ready for the Thermal Account 2.0

Ideal for a space to be managed with intelligence and elegance. The Slim SOFIA thermostove is thin, powerful and reliable, programmable and easy to control.

Sofia is the new generation pellet and multi-fuel thermo-stove.

Thanks to an innovative solution on the fumes passages and to the optimization of combustion, a body of this pellet and multi-fuel thermo-stove is compact and guarantees considerable power and very high yields.

The SOFIA slim pellet stove is easily connected to the traditional heating system and, thanks to the integrated room fan, also heats the room in which it is installed.

It is equipped with a tank of considerable size, for a great autonomy and is a pellet stove COMPLETELY watertight.

Datasheet Sofia
Certificate GSE
ERP Datasheet
Environmental Certificate

Termostufa SLIM a pellet e policombustibile
Stufa a pellet, può bruciare anche nocciolino, mais, gusci di mandorle e nocciole



To be connect to the house's thermal system (with fan room deactivable)

* rivestimento in maiolica disponibile anche in grigio antracite




Global Power kW 20.47
Nominal Power kW (all'acqua) 17.63
Air Power kW 2.84
Consumption MIN/MAX (Kg/h) 1.8 - 4.5
Dimensions (lxpxh) and weight 46x70x105 cm - 200 Kg
Tank Capacity (Kg) 40
 MAX heatable volume riscaldabile (m3) 30 W/mc 330
40 W/mc 290
50 W/mc 200

The square meters shown in the table for the Sofia pellet stove are calculated under the conditions in parentheses, with the various assumptions of energy requirements. It should be emphasized that the values ​​given are purely indicative and do not constitute grounds for controversy.

  •     Coating: in handmade majolica or electro-varnished sheet metal
  •     Front: in cast iron painted grey
  •     Interior: Single-piece steel
  •     Brazier: in heat resistant extractable steel / cast iron
  •     Door: in cast iron with ceramic glass resistant to 750°C
  •     Handle: in painted steel
  •     Function control: Remote control and control panel on the stove
  •     Programmable thermostat: as standard with methods of programming daily, weekly with two time brackets
  •     Power adjustment: five positions
  •     Ash drawer: large, extractable
  •     Fuel: Multi-fuel PELLET, PIPS,MIXED CORN, ALMOND SHELLS, NUTS, GENERAL SHREDDING (with specific braziers)
  •     Combustion optimised with primary and secondary air
  •     Heating: by forced ventilation, five power levels; possibility of functioning with room temperature setting (for versions with room fan)

Technical data:

  •     Fume discharge ø 8 cm
  •     Heat yield: over 85%
  •     Nominal heat power: Depending on models - see technical data sheets
  •     Electricity power supply: 230 V-50 Hz
  •     Maximum power absorbed during lighting 330 W
  •     Power absorbed fully operational max. 90 W
  •     Power absorbed fully operational min. 70 W


Data relative to the workshop with 5 kWh/kg pellet heat power. Consumption may vary depending on the dimensions and type of fuel used.
All of the sizes, colour tonesand styles reportedare merely indicative and can undergo variations without notice.CE approved product.

It also allows to heat the rooms close to the one where the stove is located.

Fiera Progetto Fuoco 2018

Pasian è lieta di invitarvi alla prossima fiera Progetto Fuoco, in programma a Verona dal 21 al 25 febbraio 2018.

Pasian vi presenterà i nuovi prodotti e le migliorie sull'intera gamma, che garantiscono efficienza, silenziosità e potenze ancora più elevate.

I nostri responsabili inoltre vi illustreranno come con i nostri prodotti è possibile sfruttare gli incentivi delle detrazioni fiscali e del Conto Termico 2.0 e vi mostreranno il funzionamento dei nuovi moduli wifi e bluetooth che possono essere installati sulle nostre stufe.