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Tax Deductions


Law No. 63/2013, published in Official Journal No. 130 of June 5, 2013, contains provisions on the 50% and 65% deductions on June 6, 2013.
On November 26, 2013, the Senate, with the 2014 Italian Stability Law, introduced new extensions until 2016 for:
50% deductions for construction renovation work (the cause of bank transfer for building renovation)
Deductions of 65% for energy requalification (causal og bank transfer for energy redevelopment)


Among the interventions allowed to deduct 50% is to the replacement of the old boiler, you can get an Irpef tax deduction in ten years of 50% of the amount paid to buy a new stove or fireplace.
The stoves used as a source of energy for plant products and which, under the condition of the regime, have a yield measured by a direct method of not less than 70% (Article 1 letter "g" of the Decree of the Ministry of Industry of 15 February 1992 published Official Journal of the European Parliament of 09 May 1992 No. 107).
The maximum amount of expenditure on which the deduction is calculated is, for restructuring operations commenced until 31/12/2014, for € 96,000.
The measure of the deduction (from gross tax) is until 2016 equal to 50%,
 for 2017 there should be new news on the new Stability Law.


It is possible to get an Irpef tax deduction in ten years of 65% of the amount paid to buy a new boiler if the work carried out falls within a larger energy-saving project.
This is an incentive for boilers to biomass or condensation, the requirements for access to this tax incentive by the biomass plant are as follows:

  • Have a minimum nominal nominal return of Class 3 according to European Standard EN 303-5;
  • Respect the emission limits set out in Annex IX to Part Five of Legislative Decree no. 152 and subsequent amendments and additions;
  • Use biomass fuels falling within those eligible under Annex X to Part Five of Legislative Decree 1552/2006 and subsequent amendments and additions.

The deductions will be made in annual installments divided into 10 years.

It is very important to point out that an improper causal transfer of energy for renewal leads to the loss of entitlement to benefit!

For any other information or ways and procedures:
Guide to renovations for building renovation


As of 03/01/13 the so-called "Thermal Energy Account" entered into force, which provides for a cash contribution to the purchase of stoves, thermocamels and biomass boilers that meet particular requirements and are installed in replacement of some Types of existing heating systems.
Therefore, this is not a tax deduction but an incentive provided directly by the GSE to the applicant in two years (for stoves, thermocamels or boilers up to 35 kW) or in five years (for boilers over 35 kW).
The Thermal Account 2.0, in force since May 31, 2016, strengthens and simplifies the support mechanism by introducing some significant variations such as:

  • The direct access procedure
  • Raising the incentive payment limit in a single installment (from the previous € 600 to the current € 5000)
  • Reduced payment times, which, in the new mechanism, last from  2 /3 months

The virtuous principle of the legislator is simple: to encourage the replacement of obsolete appliances

Fiera Progetto Fuoco 2018

Pasian è lieta di invitarvi alla prossima fiera Progetto Fuoco, in programma a Verona dal 21 al 25 febbraio 2018.

Pasian vi presenterà i nuovi prodotti e le migliorie sull'intera gamma, che garantiscono efficienza, silenziosità e potenze ancora più elevate.

I nostri responsabili inoltre vi illustreranno come con i nostri prodotti è possibile sfruttare gli incentivi delle detrazioni fiscali e del Conto Termico 2.0 e vi mostreranno il funzionamento dei nuovi moduli wifi e bluetooth che possono essere installati sulle nostre stufe.