stufa a pellet ad alto rendimento

Stufa a Pellet Eletta NG Maiolica
Stufa a Pellet Eletta NG NewGeneration
Stufa a Pellet Coccinella NG_Next Generation in lamiera bianca
Stufa a Pellet Coccinella NG Next Generation in lamiera
Stufa a Pellet Aurora


Pasian is a dynamic venture in a state of constant evolution. The company was founded in Sogliano Cavour, in the heart of Salento,and specialises in producing pellet and multi-fuel (pips, corn, almond shells, shredding) stoves and boilers.
Using a productive process that merges artisan skillswith cutting edge technology, the company meticulously produces solutions created for domestic and industrial furnishings and in compliance with high quality standards, all the while completely respecting the environment.
The productive cycle is wholly concentrated inside the structure, guaranteeing effective control over each phase through advanced know-how and specialistworkmanship.
The team work and synergetic action of its professionals allows Pasian to offer customers an all-round servicethat can count on a cohesive, motivated team.

Within the various departments we develop the entire production cycle of our stoves and pellet boilers:

  • Research, Development and Design: new ideas and tests point to the new ways to go
  • Processing of raw materials: laser cutting, plasma cutting, punching, bending and welding
  • Assembling of all the aesthetic and electronic components
  • Testing and verification of each single product
  • Commerce and Communication
  • Administrative
  • Technical assistance

Our pellet stoves and boilers are innovative and fuel-efficient products, developed in accordance with the highest technological standards and respect for the environment, tested and certified by the most prestigious institutes.


Fiera Progetto Fuoco 2018

Pasian è lieta di invitarvi alla prossima fiera Progetto Fuoco, in programma a Verona dal 21 al 25 febbraio 2018.

Pasian vi presenterà i nuovi prodotti e le migliorie sull'intera gamma, che garantiscono efficienza, silenziosità e potenze ancora più elevate.

I nostri responsabili inoltre vi illustreranno come con i nostri prodotti è possibile sfruttare gli incentivi delle detrazioni fiscali e del Conto Termico 2.0 e vi mostreranno il funzionamento dei nuovi moduli wifi e bluetooth che possono essere installati sulle nostre stufe.